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Dear Candidate, 

Congratulations on your outstanding application! YOUR hard work has brought you to this point, and you are to be commended! We are so excited that you want to pursue MFM training, and even more excited that you are interested in learning more about the University of Rochester (URMC) MFM Fellowship Program.  We built this web page with you in mind.


Watch Welcome Message from Dr. Ponnila Marinescu

- Senior MFM Fellow -


We know that Rochester, NY, might be hard to find on a map (hint—we’re about 5 hours northwest of NYC and 2.5 hours southeast of Toronto). But we have all the right ingredients for a MFM fellowship.  We are the regional and upstate NY leader in MFM services and care.  The URMC main campus is home to both the advanced adult medical services of URMC coupled with the Golisano Children’s Hospital and its Level IV NICU – providing the opportunity for advanced maternal and fetal care services.  All of this is within a University with a strong research and educational track record. That's why URMC is full of graduates who came to train and ended up staying a lifetime.   



We don't boast one famous attraction. In Rochester, it's all about the blend.  We've got the thriving art and music scene of a medium-sized city, and the convenience of suburbia.  We've got rolling vineyards and gorges to the Southeast and a great lake to the North.  We're a college town, an historical landmark, a family-friendly neighborhood, and a festival city, all rolled into one. Oh, and you've probably noticed, we've got some damn good local food -including coffee and chocolate- here too.

When people come to visit, they find themselves at home here.  Since the pandemic is keeping you from visiting and seeing all this in person—we want to share more about ourselves and our program and what makes us unique. 
















We are going to try and show you as much as we can about us on our websites, in the videos we made, and during your Zoom interview.  We also welcome you to reach out about individual questions, concerns, or to speak more with any of our faculty/fellows as well.




We can't wait to meet you on interview day! In the meantime, we invite you to take some time to explore the ingredients that make our program the perfect blend of everything an MFM fellowship program should be. 

Like Rochester itself, we take a lot of pride in being a well-rounded Fellowship Program.  We've taken great care to offer a complete education, with the flexibility to explore the career you envision for yourself, along with lifelong connections with mentors who want YOU to succeed.  

Dr. Christopher Glantz, senior MFM Faculty, and his thoughts on the program


Loralei L. Thornburg, MD

James R. Woods, Jr. Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Director- Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Director- Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Kathryn Drennan, MD

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Associate Director- Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Director- MFM ultrasound imaging unit & MFM faculty practice

Our Fellowship Blend

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Clinical & Basic Science


Maternal-Fetal Care

Regional Leader



Including Fetal Echocardiography