MIGS Simulation Session Feedback Form

Please take a few minutes (5-10) to provide formative feedback regarding this MIGS Simulation Session.  The feedback you provide will be reviewed by Dr. Gubbels and Dr. Lynch, and made available upon request to Drs. Harrington, Olson-Chen, and Burhans. Neither your name nor any identifying information will be visible to the reviewers, unless you choose to identify yourself in the comments.  Please note that your evaluation form will be submitted in its entirety. 

Session Information

MIGS Session:

Session 5

Feedback Form:

The pre-work (reading assignment(s) and quiz) was beneficial for my learning.
This session's didactic component was beneficial.
Did the session challenge you in ways that will help you grow your skills as a surgeon?

On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is the least successful MIGS Simulation Curriculum and 10 is the most successful MIGS Simulation Curriculum you can imagine, how would you rate our current MIGS Simulation Curriculum?