Session 4

Complication Recognition and Management


COGS room 8-12


Drs Wilbur and Gubbels alternating

No quiz

Bowel and bladder injury

Complications of laparoscopy

Complication management PPT

Further Reading and Resources:

Injuries-Don’t let the first time you see one be in the OR!

(Please note-you should not repair injuries on your own without adequate training)

1. Cystotomy repair

2. Cystotomy/Enterotomy repair

3. Enterotomy repair

4. Vascular injury

5. Injuries lecture

6. Prevention of ureteral injury


Videos from ppt-ask yourself: How would I prevent this? How would I fix this? (trocar injury-5:35, 15:45, repair 18:40) (colon injury 0:15-0:53) (small bowel injury via direct coupling) (repair of small bowel) (sigmoid repair) (injury 4:30 and repair 5:53) (injury 5:10 and repair 25:38) (ureteral identification)àvascular case) (middle sacral) hematoma)