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Question 40

Note: Questions 38 - 40 share the same answer choices.

Endometrial biopsy results can show multiple different cell types. Select the most likely diagnosis for each cell type:


Answer Choices:

Normal endometrial tissue

Acute endometritis

Chronic endometritis

Endometrial hyperplasia

Endometrial cancer

Correct Answer:

Acute endometritis


  • An endometrial biopsy with plasma cells in the stroma suggests chronic endometritis. This diagnosis can cause abnormal uterine bleeding. Many cases have no known infectious etiology but they do respond to antibiotics.

  • Lymphocytes are commonly found in normal endometrial tissue

  • Acute endometritis typically presents with exam findings and may be preceded by a STD, GYN procedure or delivery

  • Acute endometritis often detects the abnormal presence of neutrophils within endometrial glands