10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

OB/ED Education Day

OB and ED education chiefs, Lisa Gray


Kaylee, the ED chiefs, and I have planned a joint ED/OB education session for tomorrow via Zoom. Hopefully the logistics will work well, but you will be divided into 4 break out rooms and then the ED/OB leader for each case (4 cases total) will rotate around the rooms to present all of them! These cases should be helpful and interactive!


Important info: In order to assign everyone to the correct rooms, please everyone log onto the Zoom meeting via your personal URMC account so we can allocate people into the correct rooms.


The Zoom info is:

Meeting ID: 972 9825 5477

Password: 703001, Phone: 646-876-9923


For the people inpatient, groups will be geographic all follows:


Group #1 - Loder Room

Victoria Quimpo-Moretti

Devin Williams

Kate Carey

Margaret Schoeniger

Emily Hart

Chloe Williams


Group #2 - GYN room or remote via Zoom (if outpatient)

Katherine Rogg

Joanna Lin

Yanling Dong - Zoom

Zach Patinkin - Zoom

​Group #3 - Lund Room

Alex Samborski

Adam Evans

Becky Hartman

Victoria Ly


Group #4 - Remote via Zoom (outpatient)

Lauren Paraison

Tiffany Abreu

Logan Todhunter

Michelle Vu

Ally Morell


See everyone tomorrow!


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