Professional Development

09:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Health Equity Curriculum Session 4

Emily Carrillo, MD



Today we will view Pillar IV from the Structures and Self Curriculum


Discussion questions:


  1. What are three ways you can act at the institutional and/or individual level this week to become an agent of change?
  2. What are some barriers you envision to becoming a change agent? How do you think you might overcome those barriers?
  3. How will you encourage your peers and colleagues to also become change agents?


We will use the companion reading from our third session, the Executive Summary from Black Women Birthing Justice to further inform the discussion above.


To focus part of the discussion on our own institution, we will look at the URMC Equity and Anti-Racism Action Plan which was recently published, and identify strategies to engage with this framework to advance equity in sexual and reproductive health specifically.


If time allows, discuss how the policy and practice ideas our group generates intersect with the URMC WC4BL demands

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