URMC OBGYN Grand Rounds

2020 Beth Cooper Lecture: Black Maternal Mortality: It's Not About Race

Jessica Brumley, CNM, PhD

Evaluating Social Determinants of Obstetrics Outcomes: Data Fusion Techniques at the Intersection of Hospital and Community Data Sets

Stefanie J. Hollenbach, MD, MS

Genetics and the Law: Genetics to Genomics

David Seubert, MD, JD


Keisha Bell, PhD, Erin Duecy, MD, Kyan Lynch, MD, Tracy Webber, DNP, MPA, Natalie Whaley, MD, MPH

Black Maternal Mortality

Alyssa Adkins, MD

Project Mentor: Katrina Heyrana, MD, PhD, Emily Carillo, MD

Cervical Cancer Screening and Management of Abnormal Results

Julia Rodi, MS4

Project Mentor: Mitchell Linder, MD

Coming to Our Senses: Learning to Teach So Learners Will Learn

Kyan Lynch, MD, MA

Covid-19 and Pregnancy

Michelle Benassai, MS4

Project Mentor: Courtney Olson-Chen, MD

Reproductive Health in the Time of Covid-19

Kate Crofton, MS4

Project Mentor: Sarah Betstadt, MD, MPH

Reproductive Justice: Period Poverty, the Pink Tax, and Menstrual Hygiene

Suzie Greenman, MS4

Project Mentor: Amy Harrington, MD

Depression Among Antepartum Patients Admitted to High-Risk Obstetrics Units: An Overview and Literature Review

Rebecca Royzer, MS4

Project Mentor: Marika Toscano, MD, MS

Patient Acceptable Symptoms State in Female Urinary Incontinence

Derrick Sanderson, DO